Word From Monsignor

Dear Friends,

This month is dedicated to the Faithful Departed who have left this earthly life. The Spiritual Works of Mercy call us to pray for the souls of the departed that they be purified and released from Purgatory to take their place in the Kingdom of God. Please remember them in your prayers ,not only this month, but every day.

There are so many forgotten souls who have no one to pray for them. Every good Catholic person should “spiritually” adopt a soul and pray for their release from Purgatory.

One soul released from Purgatory will spend eternity in Heaven praying for the person who remembered them when they were in need. The suffering souls never forget those who prayed for them and they will in turn remember us in our time of need.

There is a Plenary indulgence when visiting a cemetery and praying for the deceased.

Chorbishop Anthony